Lower Your Lead Response Time to under 60 seconds!

First to respond wins! The odds of contacting a lead will increase 100X if attempted within 5 minutes.

Key Features

Speed Matters

You need to be first to respond!

Connecting a call within the first 60 seconds generates the best closing rates and highest connection rates to help you sell more.

First to Respond = More Sales

Sell more units being the first to respond

Connect with more Leads

Odds of contacting will increase

100X if attempted in 5 minutes.

Consumers Want a Fast Response

Connect with customers while

they're still online and engaged.

Advanced tools

Advanced reporting, alerts

and dashboard

Call Recording

Listen to calls or download a copy

for review or training.

Easy Integration

We can integrate with any

website or lead provider.

How does Call Accelerator™ Work?

Step 1 - Add us to your Lead Distribution List

Currently, when a consumer fills out your lead form(s), this will then send the lead notification to people included on your lead distribution list.

We will provide you an email address to add to your lead distribution list. This is as easy as adding another sales person to your leads.

Step 2 - Setup Agent Scheduling

Agents are sales people at your dealership that will answer the calls. There is a minimum of 1 agent required although 2-3 are recommended depending on your lead volume and the availability of each agent. You can always add/remove any agents at any time.

The goal is to connect as many consumers with your sales people as possible so cell phones are recommended followed by a direct land-line as an alternative. The cell phone numbers are masked so that the consumer will never see them and your sales people don't have to worry about consumers knowing them. Using a cell number will also allow a text message to be sent with the lead details prior to a call.

If no agent(s) is available when a call is initiated, our system will retry the call 3 additional times by default. You can control how many times we retry a call in our dashboard.


Step 3 - Process The Leads

Now that you've added us to the list and setup your agents, our system will now process leads as they come in. It doesn't matter the source of the lead or how the lead is formatted - we can handle them all.

Within 60 seconds of receiving each lead, our system will process them and dial your agent(s) that you have setup. Remember, being first to respond is key and doing it under 5 minutes will increase your odds of contacting them by 100X.

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We keep you in the loop...

After every call we will send you an email with the call details and a link to the call recording.

We also have a Dashboard you can access 24/7/365. In addition, you will receive weekly and monthly recap reports so you always know how you are doing.

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Take a look at what our customers

say about us.

“ Lead response time is a big problem at our dealership. Call Accelerator made a huge difference. ”

“ I get calls everyday from people trying to sell me more services. Call Accelerator was the first one that excited me in a LONG time. ”

“ Before Call Accelerator our average response time was over 12 hours. Now it's under 5 minutes. ”

“ Every dealer big or small can benefit from this service. It is a must have.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically we can have you live within 24 hours. Part of this depends on how quickly you can add our email address to your lead distribution list.

I'm sure you do but are you calling them all back within 1 minute while they are still online and engaged? Most dealers we talk to have problems with their lead response time because it is not automated. The only way to do this is to automate the process. Even a typical CRM can delay lead processing by multiple minutes.

Yes, we have a dashboard area so you can see at any time how you are doing. It is very detailed.

Every Monday you will receive an automated email report recapping the previous week. In addition, on the 1st of every month you will receive a report which goes over in detail how you did the previous month.

There is no limit. Our monthly package does include a minute allowance. Once you reach this limit you will pay a per minute fee for any minutes you go over.

No, we don't. Everything we do is month-to-month with no setup fees so you can easily try our service to see how it works for you.
We can handle leads in any format. We prefer to be added to your lead distribution list at the source in an ADF XML format and not at the CRM level. The reason being is that many CRMs delay leads by multiple minutes.
Yes. You can setup multiple agents to ring when a new lead comes in. We require a minimum of 1 agent, however, 2-3 agents are recommended. It all depends on your lead volume.
No. We hate long-term agreements just like you do. Our service is month-to-month with a 30 day cancellation notice required.
The preferred type is a cell phone. This is preferred because it is mobile and stays with your sales person. Plus, we can send a text message with lead details prior to the call being connected. The next preferred phone type is a land-line with a dedicated, direct number. This way we can make sure we are sending the call to the correct person every time. The last type of phone we can connect with is an IVR-based phone system. If you provide an extension number, our system can dial this each time to make sure we are reaching the appropriate agent.
There are 2 ways. After each call you will receive an email alert with a link to the call recording. Or you can use our dashboard to listen to any call recordings.

Okay! Let’s get started!